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You can reserve any item from the website for up to 30 days for a 10% deposit, or £20 (whichever is the highest).


Should you wish to do this please e-mail with the following information : 

- Product Code

- Designer

- Size

- Colour

- Your Name and Address

- Your payment method (Credit or Debit Card/PAYPAL/Bank Transfer/Lloyds Bank deposit/Cheque/Postal Orders)


You will then receive a payment link e-mail for the deposit and the balance.


The item will not be reserved until the deposit has been paid. You will then have upto 30 days in which to pay the remaining balance. You can pay the balance in a single payment, or any number of smaller payments to suit your preference. 


Respectfully we ask that you please only enter a Reservation agreement if you are sure you can fulfil the transaction.

Reservations: Text
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